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Due to their limited budgets, Small Businesses often have to settle for cheap web solutions that do not reflect the quality of their business. Although there are hundreds of services out there that allow you to choose from an array of pre-designed themes for your website, if there's anything the last ten years of business on the Internet has shown, it's that visitors have good memories, and that a fresh and unique design is the first step in being noticed online.

Your website is your online representative that is at work twenty-four hours a day. Giving this ambassador a clean suit is something you should consider carefully. Whether we like it or not, looks shape the web of today, and a site that looks good and functions well is going to outdo most others. This is 2007, not 1997, and the web has changed much in ten years. Today, having a web presence is not only an essential part, but is often the key to the growth of a small business. A well thought out website is one of the main stepping stones to greatness, and the craftsman you choose for this task will have a lot to do with the final outcome.


Unique design
unique designThere are places out there where you can download thousands of free design templates. Then again, the problem is that thousands of other websites are going to end up using them as well. With every Gowebplans package you will receive a unique design that will help you stand out from the rest. Online, the main difference between you and your many competitors is the way you look. Thus, looking good, and above all, looking unique, should be a top priority.
ScalabilityAt Gowebplans, we grow with you. As your enterprise expands, you may want to add an online store. Not a problem. A forum? Can be done. How about an invoicing system? Just say when. Starting from a basic website, you can expand your online business when time and money permits. From adding more email accounts to increasing your storage space, your web plan is always flexible, and ready to change with you.
ReliabilityYou get what you pay for, or so the saying goes. Lies, we say. When you order a Gowebplans package, you get the same Vesess team working on it, at a fraction of the regular cost. Why? As a small business ourselves, we believe that it's in our best interest to help others like us get online. The power and reliability of Vesess, at less than half the usual cost.
AccessibilityOn the other hand, not everyone uses a browser to access the web. From screen readers for the visually impaired, to handheld devices for the technologically addicted, websites of today must cater to a myriad of different devices, and people. We will take care to develop your site so it degrades gracefully, making its content available to even someone who is using a text-only browser.When you order a Gowebplans package, you can rest assured that your site will be accessible to anyone, anywhere.
Manage your content easily
Manage your content easilyGone are the days when managing a website meant you had to know XHTML. Thanks to Free and Open Source Software like Wordpress, we can offer you point and click content management at these competitive prices. Although Wordpress itself is free, setting it up and hosting it can be a confusing affair. Of course, you don't have to deal with any of that. Your Gowebplans site comes with Wordpress pre-installed and ready to go. With your unique design on the front, and the power of Wordpress in the rear, your website is all but ready to take over the world.
Web Standards
web standardsLike structures that abide by zoning laws and regulations, the best websites of today stick to Web Standards. In a nutshell, these provide an Internet-wide set of rules that make it easier for users, web developers, and browsers to think along the same lines. The outcome? A cleaner web experience for everyone. By making your site conform to Web Standards, you make it clear that you care about your readers. A Gowebplans site is not only beautiful to look at, it's also clean and efficient under the hood. Web Standards, of course, are what make it easier to ensure browser compatability and accessibility, both of which are described below.
Browser compatibility
Browser compatibilityIt would be wonderful if everyone used the same software to browse the web. Unfortunately, that is not the case. With the many browsers out there today, and the many ways in which they render pages, making a design display consistently across all of them can be a major problem. Fortunately, your Gowebplans site will come with all this done for you. From Internet Explorer to Firefox, we will make sure you website displays correctly on all of today's major browsers. The result? More happy users, and thus more potential customers.

Pricing & Packaging

Web Plan
(Design, development, hosting & ongoing support)
Host on my own
(Design & development only)
Turn-around Time
* Depends on content requirements being met on time by the Client.
Basic Pack
5 page website with unique design
$795 + $25/month $995 Less than 3 weeks*
Plus Pack
10 page website with unique design
$1095 + $25/month $1295 3 - 4 weeks*

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Custom Web Design

Need more customization within your budget? We can help you get there.

In addition to web design, we also offer a host of other services, including SEO and Copywriting. We can create a package that meets your needs exactly.

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Web Design

Additional web pages $75 per page
Simple contact form integration $50
Advance contact form with SPAM filter $100
Flash slide show (with 10 images) $150


Shopping cart with PayPal / Google Checkout $395
Shopping cart with $495


Extra 1GB Diskspace $5/month
Extra 1GB Bandwidth/month $2/month