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The web of today is driven by search engines. That's the way it has been for years, and that's the way it will be, for the foreseeable future at least. So how can you make sure your site is seen among the millions and even billions of others out there? By optimizing it for search engines. SEO does exactly that.

Let's face it, SEO is often expensive, and more often than that, unethical. Even legitimate businesses sometimes engage in activities such as keyword hoarding just to get their site a higher page rank. In the process, many have been banned from some search engines, and thus don't show up in their results at all. At Gowebplans, we approach optimization the correct way - with ethics in hand, and your best interest in mind. By looking SEO from the word go, we make sure that we optimize your site in a way that makes it more likely to be picked up and indexed by search engines.

In the end, you will be ranked higher in search engine results, and thus attract more visitors to your website, at a fraction of the price it would cost you elsewhere. At Gowebplans, we don't just optimize well, we optimize right.

What we do

Keyword Research

Web searches are powered by keywords. Every successful online business has a handful of search keywords that it strives to cater to. When you order a SEO package from us, we will help you find the right words and phrases for your site, and then develop them so you can move higher in the search engine results.

Optimize page titles and descriptions

Machines read web pages different from humans. What does that mean? Well, the search robots that power engines like Google and Yahoo! read certain areas of the page first, and give them preference when ranking them in their databases. Informative page titles and descriptions ensure that these machines, and in consequence, millions of web users, get the right idea about your web pages.

Meta tags and ALT text for images

We've already mentioned that machines read and rank your web pages better when they are described well. Meta tags and ALT text for images do just that. While humans will probably never see these Meta tags, search engine robots sure will. Also, ALT text for images will greatly enhance the accessibility of your website, making it readable on a variety of different devices, including screen readers, which are used by those with disabilities.

Body text optimization

Information is good, and more information is always better than less, right? Wrong. We will help you say what you want in the most effective manner. From analyzing your copy to make sure that your most important keywords are in your body text, to re-evaluating the order in which you present the rest of your content, body text optimization is an important, albeit lesser known, part of SEO.

Search engine friendly links/urls setup

A few years back if was acceptable to have pages named page1.html, page2.html and so on. Not anymore. Both human viewers and search engines now favour smart URLs which describe where their recipient will be taken. Since we have been doing friendly URLs for years, setting up this facility for your website will be nothing out of the ordinary for us.

Search engine submission

Submitting your site to the major search engines can be a daunting task, especially if you've never done it before. Since our profession constantly involves working with search engines, we have both the knowledge and the facilities to submit your website to the web's most popular site indexes - Google, Yahoo and MSN. Although we don't guarantee that this will help you get a #1 placement on all of them, it certainly will increase your chances.

Link Building and Marketing

Most search engines these days give weight to a website based on how many other popular sites link to it. Thus, being linked by the major players in your industry will certainly go a long way in getting you higher in both search engine results and rankings. We will help you formulate a strategy to do this via marketing and link building, a two pronged approach that will strengthen your ties within the community and ultimately boost your brand.

Pricing & Packaging

SEO Packs

Gowebplans Customers
Turn-around Time
SEO Home Pack
Optimizing home page for maximum of 5 keywords/phrases
$100 $250 2 days
SEO Basic Pack
Optimizing 5 pages including home page for up to 5 keywords/phrases
$250 $450 3 - 5 days
SEO Plus Pack
Optimizing 10 pages including home page for up to 10 keywords/phrases
$450 $650 3 - 5 days
Additional pages
$40 per page $50 per page  

Every SEO package includes: Keyword research, optimizing page titles and descriptions, inclusion of meta tags & ALT text for images, body text optimization, search engine submission, search engine friendly links/urls setup*, XML sitemaps*

* Available only in Basic and Plus packages.

Link Building & Marketing Packs

The minimum duration for this service is 3 months.
Pack 1
15 one-way Inbound links from sites with Page Rank 0 to 6
Pack 2
25 one-way Inbound links from sites with Page Rank 0 to 6
1 review/article per month
Pack 3
50 one-way Inbound links from sites with Page Rank 0 to 6
2 reviews/articles per month

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